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List of Covenants - The Preservation District

  • Mandatory Homeowners Association
  • Minimum square footage for a single story home is 2000 square feet, 2200 square feet for a story and a half and two story homes.
  • Out buildings shall only be built with prior written approval, and if approved shall be compatible in material and style with the primary residence.
  • Fencing shall be brick, natural stone, wrought iron or chain link. If chain link, the links shall be either green or black, and the vertical and horizontal support rails, including the gate shall be wood. No fence shall exceed 7 feet in height.
  • Roof pitch shall be at least 7/12 over 75% of the roof area. Shingles shall be wood, organic or inorganic composition, or tile. Roof color shall be “weathered wood”.
  • Minimum masonry shall be 50%. The front elevation must have 80% brick, stone or stucco.
  • Retaining walls shall be brick, stone, or stucco. Railroad ties are NOT permitted.
  • All mailboxes shall conform in design to the specific plans approved by the Preservation District Architectural Committee.
  • All rooftop protrusions shall be painted black.
  • If a lot does not have a minimum of 4 existing trees in the front yard and 2 in the rear yard. The owner/builder shall within 60 days of completion of construction plant 3 inch caliper trees, equaling the above stated amount.
  • Large landscaped areas shall be maintained with irrigation systems. Full yard systems are not required.
  • Residences with the same front architectural elevation shall not be visible one to the other.
  • Side yard set backs shall be fifteen feet on both sides with a minimum of 40 feet between houses.
  • Driveway culvert will be built according to plans provided by developer.

*This is a brief description; all buyers are encouraged to read the full covenants.

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