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Developing property and constructing a new home has an inevitable impact on the environment. Green developing and building incorporates environmental considerations and resource efficiencies into every step of land development and home building processes to minimize the environmental impact.

The goal is to build your home in the most efficient, sustainable, and practical way possible. There is an element of satisfaction in knowing "it was done right". And when done right, the payoff is both immediate (increased initial appraised value), and to an even greater extent long term (higher resale value).

As encouragement and guidance for you and others who build their new home in THE PRESERVATION DISTRICT, the exclusive and unique "The Preservation District Build Green Program" was developed. You won't find anything like it offered anywhere in Green Country. Our goal is to partner with you by being a contributor to you and your family's well being, as well as the well being of our living environment in THE PRESERVATION DISTRICT.

Green living encompasses all the means for making our homes healthier and more economically efficient, while having a gentler impact on our ecology as we live our daily lives. A greener home makes economical sense, but more that that, it just makes sense. Opportunities abound for living in a healthier, more economical, and environmentally friendly way. We hope you will embrace this concept, and use our program, explained below, as a starting point toward a more economical and improved lifestyle for you and your family.

THE PRESERVATION DISTRICT, Green Country's premier "Green Development", makes this exclusive program available to you: Meet or exceed the following guidelines, and you will earn a rebate of $2,500 on your lot purchase price. The rebate to you is in cash upon the completion of construction of your new home. You may qualify for the entire rebate in one of three ways. By earning the required minimum number of qualifying points in each of the 3 categories; or by totaling a minimum of 110 points gathered from all 3 categories; or by obtaining an "ENERGY STAR" label or mortgage on your new home (or the equivalent, as approved by our Program Oversight Committee), and totaling 28 points in the "SITE" category. In addition to the rebate of $2,500, you will earn, and are entitled to display on your new home, THE PRESERVATION DISTRICT'S exclusive "TPD Green by Design" plaque.


28 points to qualify; 47 total points available

Everyone benefits from conscientious site planning for your new home in THE PRESERVATION DISTRICT. Most of the benefits go directly to you and your family. Careful sight planning, and "beneficial landscaping", can save a significant percentage (up to 25%) of the annual cost of heating and cooling your home, while at the same time bringing energy and water efficient beauty to it. While protecting wildlife, water resources, and the environment in general, you will save time and money.

Use of Urban Forester consulting services provided by developer (up to 2 1/2 free hours): 4 points.

Use of tree protection methods, as defined by Urban Forester, during construction: 4 points.

Minimal impact on unique topographical features and trees during construction; and conscientious orientation and placement of home on the lot: 2 points.

Use of landscape features to reduce energy and water usage (such a group planting, placement of trees, etc.): 2 points.

Preservation of natural water drainage on and off the site: 2 points.

Installation of zoned irrigation system with separate controls for areas with different irrigation needs; installation of rainwater sensor; and installation of drip lines or micro-irrigation methods: 1 point for each; up to 3 points.

Greywater irrigation system installed (such as incorporated in Aerobic Waste Water Treatment Systems): 2 points.

Turf grass area tailored to individual needs; and not exceeding 1/3 of total lot area: 3 points.

Use of turf grasses (such as Buffalo grass) requiring minimum upkeep and maintenance: 2 points.

Use of a rainwater collection system(s) such as water or rain garden(s), a roof collection system; or, use of other water resource protection or conservation concepts: 3 points.

All construction waste removed from site (no burning) along with use of a plan for donating re-useable or salvageable materials to a non-profit group that supports local housing needs: 3 points.

Use of methods to reduce impervious surface at the new home site: 2 points.

Use of existing vegetation or predominantly native plants in landscaping: 2 points.

Establishing a Xeriscape watering plan incorporating the 7 Fundamental of Xeriscape: 5 points.

Multiple (4 or more) new native trees planted with minimum 3" caliper: 3 points.

General adherence to principles established in The Preservation District Landscape Guide: 5 points.



38 points to qualify; 61 total points available

When built with integrity, the structure and envelope of your home provides you and your family protection from the elements of temperature, wind, and moisture---keeping you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry year around. The goal is to accomplish this protection in an efficient, cost effective, and healthy way; and with minimum impact on the environment. Through effective insulation methods and practices, tailored to our Northeast Oklahoma climate, you can control some of the most important energy consuming factors affecting your home, and at the same time control elements that can affect your health.

Roof covering with minimum 35 years life warranty: 3 points.

Roof material recycled (minimum 25% content), or non-wood type: 2 points.

Roof overhang minimum of 24": 3 points.

Use of borate treated lumber (least toxic) for at least 50% of the wood structure of the home (excluding trusses): 1 point.

Use of native stone as the primary exterior material of the home, and gathered within 400 miles of The Preservation District: 1 point.

Use of bricks produced within 500 miles of The Preservation District: 1 point.

Use of recycled building materials such as OSB: 2 points.

Fiber cement siding material used (predominant where siding is utilized on the home): 2 points.

Provide letter from builder stating that the following minimum R-Factor criteria have been met: 2 points each item; total of 8 points.

  • Foundation insulated to a minimum of R-6.
  • Exterior wall assembly insulated and rated a minimum of R-25.
  • Ceiling insulated to a minimum of R-38.
  • Air infiltration standards and practices conform to International Building Code (IBC).

All exterior doors, including garage doors, insulated to a minimum of R-5: 1 point.

All exterior doors, including garage doors, insulated to a minimum of R-9: 2 points.

Windows throughout are ENERGY STAR labeled, or have a U value .35 or less (NFRC label): 4 points.

Windows throughout have U value .26 or less (NFRC label): 6 points.

A duct system test has been performed (passed): 3 points.

Radiant barrier installed in roof or ceiling assembly: 4 points.

Insulation has minimum of 25% recycled content: 2 points.

Garage insulated from the living areas of the home with a minimum of R-25 wall insulation: 3 points.

Efficient location of water heaters relative to bathroom fixtures (within 25 feet); or an insulated circulating loop system installed: 2 points.

Installation of tank less hot water system: 3 points.

Solar hot water heating system installed (most efficient): 5 points.

Installation of water purifier system: 1 point.

Low flow toilets installed (less than 1.6 gpf), or flow controlled depending upon need: 3 points.

Interior faucets and shower heads have water flow control methods installed: 1 point.

Independent Homebuilding Inspector employed to insure compliance with International Residential Code (IRC) and/or International Energy Conservation Code (IECC): 6 points.


      40 points to qualify; 62 total points available

Heating and cooling accounts for nearly 50% of your homes energy consumption. Each of the below items are designed to assist you in conserving significant monetary resources as well as contributing to the conservation of energy and natural resources. Attention focused on these factors that have a very significant impact on the performance of your new home pays big dividends to you, your family, and the our environment.

A state licensed and qualified mechanical contractor has sized the heating and air conditioning units, and appropriately zoned the thermostat controls: 5 points.

A 90% or greater efficiency heating system has been installed: 3 points.

A 93% or greater efficiency heating system has been installed: 6 points.

A 15 Seer or greater air conditioning system has been installed: 3 points (if ENERGY STAR labeled, add point).

A 16.5 Seer or greater air conditioning system has been installed: 6 points (if ENERGY STAR labeled, add point).

An in-floor heating system installed: 4 points.

Geothermal (ground source) heating and cooling system installed: 6 points.

A programmable thermostat is in use: 1 point.

Operable windows installed in all living areas: 3 points.

A minimum of 3 ceiling fans are installed: 2 points.

Radon and carbon monoxide monitoring device(s) are installed: 2 points.

An energy efficient fireplace system is installed: 2 points.

Kitchen appliances are ENERGY STAR labeled: point per appliance up to maximum of 5 points.

Front loading washer and dryer are installed. 2 points.

A gas clothes dryer is installed: 2 points.

A gas hot water heater is installed: 2 points.

Washer and dryer are ENERGY STAR labeled: 3 points.

A "smart lighting" system is installed: 3 points.

Central vacuum system installed with outside exhaust: 2 points.

Efficient use of florescent lights and/or low voltage halogen lights: 3 points.

Cooking exhaust vented to exterior of home: 1 point.

Home has built-in recycling center with 2 or more bins: 2 points.

Fire extinguisher in garage: 1 point.

Fire extinguisher in kitchen: 1 point.

Line voltage powered smoke detection system installed, and with battery operated backups: 2 points; if monitored off site, add 1 point.

*Obtaining an "ENERGY STAR" label on the home by following BOP specifications, or, obtaining an "ENERGY STAR" mortgage = home qualifies for $2,000 bonus. To obtain full $2500 bonus, 28 points relative to "SITE" are required.

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