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Vision Statement

The Preservation District (TPD) is a single family residential development with home sites and homes for families, couples, and individuals who seek a spacious, private living environment that is in harmony with the environment. Ultimately, approximately 1350 acres in some of Oklahoma's most scenic landscape will contain over one thousand (1,000) quality homes available in multiple price ranges and in a variety of uniquely identifiable neighborhoods. Many will have controlled access for added security. TPD will provide each home owner with an unprecedented opportunity for an active lifestyle in a peaceful setting that is compatible with, and supportive of, the environment. The Preservation District will be recognized as a new model for combining human living with sensitivity to nature and wildlife in Northeastern Oklahoma.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Preservation District is to provide each lot buyer an affordable, spacious, private home site on which to build a home; and one that is located in a conservation oriented and ecologically harmonious community. By means of a Master Plan that promotes community through sound land use and development standards, The Preservation District will minimize the impact of residential living on the environment. Key elements include sensible landscape and conservation guidelines for homeowners and builders, well conceived and clearly defined protective covenants, and an active mandatory homeowners association. Judged by a tranquil living environment and strong property values, the result will be the creation of a community of homes of unequaled value to its residents.

The following explains the means of accomplishing the VISION and the MISSION of The Preservation District (TPD).

With the goals of protecting and enhancing the TPD's natural and living environment through the use of common sense, and economically sound conservation methods and practices, a partnership of stakeholders is formed. The stakeholders are the owner/developer (The Preservation District LLC), each lot/home owner, TPD Homeowners Association, builders, sub-contractors and suppliers, regulatory agencies (such as the Osage County Planning Commission, EPA, DEQ, etc.), The Verdigris Valley Electric Cooperative Inc., and Land Legacy. Through cooperative efforts, the stakeholders will make The Preservation District the Tulsa area's first residential community specifically designed to both preserve vast open space, and provide an environmentally friendly and active lifestyle for its residents.

The foundation upon which these goals reside is the initial commitment of the owner/developer of the land to a partnership with Land Legacy. Land Legacy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit land conservation organization, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, whose mission is "to enhance the quality of life in urban and rural communities by working constructively with landowners to protect natural and cultural resources and to create outdoor recreation, education, and economic opportunities". By means of a perpetual conservation easement, retained and monitored by Land Legacy, a minimum exceeding 20% (or a minimum of 250 acres), has been set aside in perpetuity for the exclusive use and enjoyment of TPD homeowners, and the abundant wildlife that resides there.

The easement' s terms govern all uses and activities within the conserved lands, and protects the wildlife, water resources, trees, rock outcroppings, bluffs with splendid views, and other natural features. Additionally, permitted uses to be developed within the easement for homeowner's exclusive use include pedestrian nature trails connecting parks and neighborhoods, a minimum of 2 large parks with recreational amenities and with each containing a large stocked lake, other water pools (which also provides storm water management as well as water quality benefits such as aquifer recharge), other "pocket parks", a fitness course, a community garden area, family picnic facilities and other recreational amenities, educational opportunities, and wetlands enhancement areas. A complete list of possible amenities is evolving in partnership with Land Legacy, all within clearly defined goals.

Tree preservation and conservation is essential in The Preservation District, and a core value in accomplishing the mission. Mr. Joe Roberts, an Urban Forester, has been retained as a consultant to both the owner/developer and each lot/home owner. Mr. Roberts has vast experience in Northeastern Oklahoma as an Arborist. He is an expert in the care, preservation, valuation, protection, and planting of trees----especially trees native to the area. His services will benefit TPD in many ways. He is a valuable educational resource, and will be called on for advice on the saving and protection of valuable tree resources during development activities. Additionally, his initial consultation services (up to 2 1/2 hours consultation) are offered free of charge to each lot/home buyer in TPD. Protective covenants in TPD emphasize the value of trees to TPD environment; specimen trees, plentiful in the area, will be given special consideration and protection.

Each lot/home buyer will be provided and benefit from the custom landscape manual being specially tailored for The Preservation District by horticulture experts from our local area. It will be a practical, functional manual that will steer home owners toward the proper use of native and/or fully adaptable species of grasses, plants, and trees that require a minimum of water, herbicide and pesticide application. Suggestions and ideas will be made for landscapes which benefit wildlife and provide beautification, as well as conservation of natural and human resources. Other areas to be addressed include the use, development, and benefit of water or rain gardens; the incorporation of natural areas along with limiting of turf areas in landscape design (reducing dependence on expensive and wasteful watering and chemical applications).

The key element and essential contributor to the final success of The Preservation District is the individual commitment of builders and lot buyers to meeting and/or exceeding the construction standards and methods that are evaluated as "green building", and that effectively conserve energy and consumables. Nationally, statistics show that most of today's new home buyers are aware of the benefits of "green building", and are willing to pay extra up front costs to achieve the dual goals of longer term savings and mitigating the environmental impact of new home construction and daily living.

In support of this premise, and in support of your commitment, an exclusive offer from TPD is "The Preservation District's Build Green Program", which will help you accept the extended payout benefits derived from your commitment. Keep in mind, that meeting or exceeding some of these guidelines has no cost whatsoever associated with it; and in fact, there are immediate savings and benefits to you.

Before you sign your Real Estate Contract, ask about "The Preservation District's Build Green Program".

This program is temporary, and will likely terminate and be replaced by and upon the acceptance of a "Green Building" program adopted by the "Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa", or a "Green Building" program adopted by "Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association".

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