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List of Covenants - Timberlake Estates

  • TIMBERLAKE ESTATES will have a mandatory, duly established Home Owners Association that will manage and oversee all areas of common interest to all property owners of a lot(s) or a home in TimberLake Estates.
  • Prior to beginning construction, all plans for permanent structures to be built in TimberLake Estates will be reviewed and approved by the duly established TimberLake Estates Architectural Committee (TEAC).
  • Common areas in TimberLake Estates will include the private streets, reserve areas, common entryway, and TimberLake Park. TimberLake Park, and the lake in TimberLake Park, shall be for the exclusive use and enjoyment of lot/home owners in TimberLake Estates.
  • The minimum living area of a home built in Parkside at TimberLake Estates is 1800 square feet for single story homes, and 2200 square feet for 1.5 and 2 story homes.
  • Only on-site built residences are permitted in TimberLake Estates.
  • The front elevation of each residence will have a minimum of 80% masonry (excluding windows and doors), with an overall minimum of 50% masonry.
  • Parking and/or storage of boats, campers, inoperative vehicles, or other large recreational equipment items are controlled by effectively structured covenants.
  • Rooftop protrusions such as aluminum vents, chimney caps, and flue liner terminals are to be painted flat black.
  • Trees shall be preserved and protected in TimberLake Estates, and the owner/developer will provide free services of a certified Urban Forester, or an Arborist to assist in this regard (up to 2 free hours of consultation).
  • A roof pitch of at least 7/12 over 75% of the roof area is required. The approved roof color is weathered wood, unless an exception is approved by the TEAC.
  • Lots may be split or merged, and ownership of more than one lot is permitted; however, the result will not amount to an increase in the number of lots platted.
  • Enforcement of the covenants is the responsibility of the owner/developer, any lot owner, and the TimberLake Estates Home Owners Association (TEHOA).

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